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Welcome to the Interview,  Here is a sample of questions we ask during our interview with you.  If you would like you can do your interview online and submit it below, by pushing the submit button.  Thanks and enjoy.  This is generally for Brides and Grooms that have already contracted with us.  Please check to see if we are available first, so your work is not in vain.

Would you like us to provide the music for your Ceremony?  YesNo (If yes, then we will assist you with choosing the music by playing the different choices for you in person.)

Who would you liked introduced during introductions along with you?  Parents  Bridal Party Other please specify at meeting

Please enter in the Names below (the following is the recommended introduction order for most receptions)

Parents of the Bride:      Parents of The Groom:

Flower Girl/Girls:            Ring Bearer:

Bridesmaid:                     Groomsman:

Bridesmaid:                     Groomsman:

Bridesmaid:                     Groomsman:

Bridesmaid:                     Groomsman:

Bridesmaid:                     Groomsman:

Maid/Matron of Honor:      Best Man:

Brides New Name:            Groom:

Generally the first toast is done after Introductions and before the meal.  It is traditionally done by the best man.  Please inform him of this in advance as well as the Maid/Matron of Honor.  It is not required that she make a toast but if you would like her to, please let her know well ahead of the reception date.

Would you like us to open the microphone so that any of your guests that would like to could also make a toast to you?Yes open mic No

Will this be a served meal or a buffet? If it is a served meal then we can do first dance shortly after you have finished your meal, If it is a buffet I recommend that the bride and groom make table visits at this time (a good time to pass out favors and say hello).

What song would you like for you first dance?  

Would you like the whole song alone with your spouse or, open it to the Bridal Party and Parents about 1/2 way through. Yes, have them join No, just us two (If yes than 2nd dance is generally  open to all guests, if no then 2nd dance is for Bridal Party and Parents; 1/2 way through I would open to all).

Would the Bride like a Father Daughter Dance? Yes  No  If yes, what song? Would you like to have this dance opened 1/2 way thru to the Groom and his mother? Yes No  Or would you like this dance opened up to other Father/Daughter combinations? Yes  No

If the groom is not dancing with his mother 1/2way thru the above dance would he like a dance with his mother? Yes No     If yes, what song?

Would you like a money dance? Yes  No

What time would you like to cut the cake?

Would you like a bouquet toss? Yes  No  Would you like a garter removal and toss? Yes No

Anything else we may need to know such as announcements or what songs not to play or what you definitely want to hear.  

Submitted by (your name here):

Please enter you email address here:

Date of reception:

Thank you for choosing The Best Mobile Music, if you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-877-968-7357 (1-877-YOUR-DJS).